University Accomplishments - Three Primary Involvements

Having developed & operated a number of meaningful projects on campus such as serving as the Chair of the Student Center Advisory Board, hosting Good Evening UCI, and co-founding a charitable dance marathon for pediatric care - I was elected Vice President of the UC Irvine student body.

The opportunity was the greatest privilege I experienced on campus and while it allowed a great deal of creativity in terms of approaching solutions to problems, it also was an opportunity to grow & develop leadership skills, both with fellow students and with administrative colleagues.

I am proud to have slashed the VP budget over 50% during a challenging fiscal climate on campus, help organize the $200,000 sustainability fund, promote our campus events, and serve the students by always putting their interests first.

Good Evening UCI began, as most things do, out of fulfilling a simple need I felt the campus was sorely lacking - an entertaining, accessible and an online-based news show. My greatest role and talent in the entire operation was gathering folks who were infinitely more relevant in their respective fields than I was - we had fashion designers, food critics, and a legitimate news reporter working with the show.

I am proud to have created and served as the host of Good Evening UCI. We had the good fortune of being able to promote it on the biggest news site on campus - the always controversial Zot Report I had founded a year earlier - and it served as a tremendous lesson to all of us on the responsibilites of creating consistent, high quality content that could appeal to both students and administrators who generously funded the production costs during our second season.

My first experience in Student Government came 6 days after arriving on campus for the first time when Andrew Vo, a commissioner (great title, isn’t it?) within ASUCI, approached me for being the emcee of the event. I accepted and that day joined his commission within ASUCI, where we created Care-A-Thon, a dance marathon for Children’s Hospital Orange County. It was a defining project during my time at UCI and a real cornerstone of my personality to serve while having fun.

During two years of running the event as an assistant and then executive director, we raised funds, organized bands, events, and children all in the name of pediatric care. It is a privilege to have raised funds for the Hospital and the event continues to this day, now raising funds with UC Irvine’s support for the pediatric unit of their Medical Center.

This was truly a project of working hard, giving back, and having a lot of fun.

Education History
  • University of California Irvine
    Attended:September 2007-June 2011
    Major:Political Science
    Minor:Art History
    Reference:Steve Scifo, Vice President Academic Affairs (818) 451-7923

    With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Logan spent his time on campus learning and innovating. During his first year, he co-created and developed Care-A-Thon, a dance marathon for Children’s Hospital Orange County that has now raised over $45,000 for children’s medical needs. To help publicize for the dance marathon, Logan created “Good Evening UCI“, a news and entertainment variety show which grew into the most-watched media broadcast on campus. Due to the success of the show and his experience developing meaningful projects, Logan was elected Vice President of the undergraduate student body where he led a $4 million organization focusing on student services such as major concerts, retail locations, and shuttle services.

  • Edison High School
    Attended:September 2003 - June 2007
    Honors:Scholar With Distinction
    Reference:Bob Strachan;

    Started the first campus newspaper in over 30 years and involved in every step from securing advertising dollars, writing articles, printing and distribution to investigative reporting. Served as President of Character Coalition a community service organization on campus and took 8 AP classes in the last two years of high school - and still being able to attend football games!