Personal & Professional References

Logan is a joy and inspiration to be around for all that work with him. His can-do attitude makes sure that colleagues always know anything is possible. Logan makes even the most pressing challenges fun and lighthearted.

Kamrin Klauschie, Social Entrepreneur & TEDxUCIrvine Founder

Having known Logan his entire life I can attest that he has solid moral family values, a positive attitude, is highly motivated, and is striving for success which will make him a pace-setting professional.

Brad Perrin, President/CEO Quiet Cannon Montebello, Inc.

Logan thrives in a culture of innovation and is one of the most forward thinking people I have ever worked with. More than once I’ve called him completely crazy only to watch what he envisioned come to fruition successfully.

Steve Scifo, Vice President Academic Affairs, UC Irvine